Jacksonville, Fla.

Mayo Clinic

Move Nona has created the largest and longest autonomous vehicle network at one location in the country with five routes and eight shuttles connecting nearly 10 key destinations within the community.

Lake nona

Lake Nona, a 17-square-mile  neourban community, is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. It combines residential living, schools, research clusters, medical campuses, retail, restaurants and recreational areas with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

The developer, Tavistock Development Company, sought alternative mobility solutions to provide a way for residents, employees and visitors to move around the 17-square mile community. The developer also sought ways to phase implementation of an autonomous mobility network prior to the community’s full buildout utilizing $20M in BUILD grant funding from the United States Department of Transportation.

passengers carried
vehicle trips eliminated

“Those communities that prepare themselves for this new technology will be the communities that can leverage it for economic development, helping our customers travel more efficiently, and most importantly, they need to do it safely.” 

Nathaniel P. Ford Sr
CEO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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